Dr. Sameer Sonar

About Dr. Sameer Sonar

Since 1996 - Performing all Nuclear Medicine Scanning procedures for different organ functions. For example Thyroid scan, Renogram, Whole Body Bone scans, Stress Thallium SPECT for Heart, Liver scan, Lung V/Q scan, Brain SPECT etc.
Since 1996 - Diagnosing & treating patients with Thyroid disorders. The practice is focused only on Thyroid problems, ranging from the routine problems of Hyper and hypo functioning glands to complex problems such Cancers of Thyroid gland. Includes Papillary, Follicular thyroid cancers as well as Medullary thyroid cancers.
Expertise in managing other cases requiring Nuclear Medicine Therapies such as Samarium treatment for metastatic bone pain management; Neuroblastoma, Medullary Ca-Thyroid and Pheochromocytoma therapies. Yttrium based therapies for Intra-tumour radiation and synovectomies. Targeted antibodies labeled imaging & therapies for malignancies. Treatment of Liver cancers and metastatic disease with 90-Y Colloid Microspheres.
Established & started the first Time of Flight PET CT scan centre in India, at Ruby Hall Clinic, in 2008.

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